Old Joe Club

Men's Night Out History

The First Men's Night Out

Like many great ideas, the Old Joe Club Charities Charities Inc. began simply.  In 1992, Ernie Vallozzi and Rob Unkovic met to discuss the YMCA's annual Greensburg Croquet Tournament, a nationally sanctioned event and a major fundraiser.  Their goal was to contribute to the tournament's success by offsetting some of the costs. 

To Ernie and Rob, a "Men's Night Out" seemed like a good place to start.  They planned to bring together a group of like-minded, generous fellows for an evening of relaxation, fun, and fundraising- in the dead of winter at Pike Run.

A committee called the Old Joe Club Charities was formed to organize the event, and in February of 1993, the first evening of what would become an annual tradition took place.

From the first, Men's Night Out set a pattern for success.  About 35 enthusiastic attendees met for some drinks, dinner, and a small auction. A few of the men shot skeet for an hour or so before getting down to the business of the evening.

After raising around $2,000, the "Old Joes" who attended that first night agreed the formula for success was correct: bring together a group of generous men in the off season and allow them to unwind in a comfortable, relaxed, and beautiful setting.

From Modest Beginnings...

Year by year, both the success and reputation of the Old Joe Club Charities Charities, Inc. has grown dramatically.  While continuing to support the efforts of the YMCA, the mission of the club has expanded to encompass many organizations and causes that enhance the lives of the citizens of Western Pennsylvania.  Today, the annual fundraiser supports a variety of endeavors:

  • Human Services
  • Art, Music, and Education
  • Conservancy
  • Education through Scholarships
  • Child Protection Programs and Life Enrichment

Attracting more than 100 attendees in recent years, Men's Night Out now enjoys a waiting list of eager participants and has raised over a quarter of a million dollars in a single year. The event owes its success to the outstanding committee of The Old Joe Club Charities Charities, Inc. and to the overwhelming generosity of all the gentlemen that attend.

Today's Old Joe Club Charities

In November of 2013, the Old Joe Club Charities incorporates as Old Joe Club Charities Charities, Inc., a 501c3 organization. 

Now, in addition to the traditional Men's Night Out, the Old Joes are taking under their umbrella another well known area fund raising event, the Westmoreland Croquet Club Tournament.  Both events help further the mission of the Old Joe's Club, to provide grants that support qualified 501c3 organizations by holding yearly fund raising events.

The Old Joe Club Charities Charities, Inc. is now anchored by a committee of 14 men who meet each summer to plan the following year's event. Their purpose remains simple: organize one of Western Pennsylvania's premier fundraising events. Based upon the feedback received, it seems this unique occasion has become the "must-attend" event for many of the region's most community minded men.

Over the years, The Old Joe Club Charities Charities, Inc. has been asked either to support through donations or run other charitable events. The message has not gone unheeded. In response, the Old Joe Club Charities Charities, Inc. endeavors each year to make a bigger difference in local communities and other worthy causes.  

The long term vision of the Old Joe Club Charities Charities, Inc. is to establish a legacy of caring and involved giving, the effects of which can be seen and felt for generations to come- an organization with whom committee members and event attendees are proud to participate.

Please visit our photo gallery section to get a flavor of this outstanding event.


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